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The Training and Placement Cell (T&P Cell or TPC) at Government Engineering College - Patan, works professionally with the Industry to place its students in each and every sector. The T&P Cell handle all aspects of the campus recruitment at institute and also helps in enhancing the skills of the students as per the demands of the industry by conducting many numbers of seminars & workshops including KCG’s Finishing School (GoG) Programs.

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Placement Procedure


1. The TP Cell sends invitations to companies/organizations along with relevant information.

2. Company/ Organization fills in a JAF (Job Announcement Form) containing details of the job offer (pay package, place of posting, allowances and other bonuses). JAF can be sent either by post or email to the T&P Cell, GEC-Patan.

3. Pre-Placement Talk can be organized in advance or on the same day. For fixing Pre-Placement Talk in advance, Company/ Organization can send a request along with the preferred dates.

4. The JAF is made available online to the students, along with any other information furnished by company/organization. The placement facility is available to all the students of GEC-Patan and in adherence to the Placement Policy.

5. After confirmation by the company/ organization, the Training and Placement Cell will announce the dates for campus interviews. The Order in which the companies are invited for the Placement is decided jointly by the TPC & the Principal; and will be based on various factors like pay package offered, the demand from students, and the profile of the company.

6. Interested students will show their willingness to participate in the recruitment process of a company by submitting the Sign-up form or by filling google-form created for the same.

7. The list of interested students and/or shortlisted students (in case the short listing is based on Percentage/ Grades obtained) can be sent to the company/ organization on request.

8. Companies come down to the campus on the allotted date/s and may conduct Aptitude/Technical Test/Personal Interviews/Group Discussion as a part of preferred selection procedure.

9. The Company/ Organization is required to furnish the final list of students preferably on the date of interview mentioning the joining date and other terms and conditions, if any. The company shall send or hand over the offer letter only to the Training and Placement (T&P) Cell within a set time-frame and mutual understanding.

10. Student’s signed offer letter will be forwarded to the company if demanded by company.


Salient Features of the Placement Process:

· The Institute will provide rooms for tests (online/offline), Group Discussions and Interviews etc.

· A team of dedicated placement faculty coordinators will work to ensure simpler logistics and all other related issues regarding campus placements