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Applied Mechanics

The Applied Mechanics Department is committed to finding solutions to our major sustainability challenges this century and to educating and training the leaders who will have a large impact on our profession and on society. Join us in this important endeavor. The department of Applied Mechanics an independent functioning unit is the backbone of Civil Engineering. The department presents a picture of a small but fully dedicated and developed faculty contributing to all round growth of students, Institute, Industries and Society. While we're equipping our students with the knowledge and tools that can apply to the Civil Engineering and all other Engineering professional skills today,  our real goal is to the coming decades.  The Department of  Applied Mechanics  producing high quality technical manpower needed by industry, R&D organizations, and academic institutions.  The faculty members of  the department are involved in high quality research and consultancy activities,  and   they continue to enjoy academic leadership role in the country. Together student's faculty and researchers are developing innovative materials, buildings methods and designs.

Department offers Expertise in the fields of:

1. Mechanics of Solids

2. Structural Analysis

3. Concrete Technology

4. Elements of Structural Design

5. Design of R.C.C. Structures

6. Design of Steel Structures

7. Engineering Mechanics

8. Strength of Materials

9. Soil Mechanics

10. Foundation Engineering

11. Computer Aided Design of Civil

12. Geo Techniques and Earthquake Engineering




1. Engineering Mechanics

2. Structural Analysis

3. Soil Mechanics

4. Design of R.C.C. Structures and Steel Structures

5. Strength of Materials

6. Concrete Technology

7. Foundation Engineering



Some of the important instruments belonging to this laboratory are: 1) Universal Testing Machine 2) Apparatus for Reaction of Beam 3) Non Concurrent Apparatus 4) Friction Apparatus 5) Double Purchase crab 6) Moment of Inertia of Flywheel 7) Concurrent FORCES APAPRATUS 8) Simple Screw Jack 20 cm 9) Single purchase Crab 10) System of Pulleys 11) UNIVERSAL FORCE TABLE 12) Wheel and differential axle 13) Brinell hardness Apparatus 14) Izod impact Testing Machine 15) Torsion Testing Machine
Some of the important instruments belonging to this laboratory are: (1) Auto. Compression Testing Machine (2) Slump Test Apparatus (3) Aggregate crushing value apparatus (4) Lechatelier bath (soundness test) (5) Humidity Chamber (6) Concrete Mixture Machine Pan type (7) Flow table (8) Mortar Mixture Machine (9) Mortar Cube Vibrating Machine (10 Hot air oven (11) Concrete Permeability Apparatus (12) Blain's Apparatus (Air Permeability)
Some of the important instruments belonging to this laboratory are: (1) Direct Shear Test Apparatus (2) Consolidation Test Apparatus (3) Unconfined Compression Testing (4) Relative Density Apparatus (5) Tri-axial Shear Apparatus (Motorized) (6) Automatic Soil Compactor (7) Permeability Apparatus (8) Vane Shear Apparatus (Motorized) (9) Swell Pressure Test Apparatus (10) Motorized Sieve Shaker
Some of the important instruments belonging to this laboratory are: (1) Bending of Beam Apparatus (2) Deflection of Beam Apparatus (3) Maxwell Reciprocal Apparatus (4) Three Hinged Arch Apparatus (5) Torsion Apparatus Type (6) Column and Struts Apparatus (7) Young's Modulus Apparatus
Some of the important instruments belonging to this laboratory are: (1) Rapid Chloride Penetration Test App. (1) Accelerated Curing Tank (1) Tile Flexural test apparatus (1) Tile Abrasion test apparatus (1) Core Cutter & Grinding machine (1) Lateral extensometer (1) Longitudinal compressometer (1) Muffle furnace (1) Non Destructive Testing Instruments



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