Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : BE(EC), ME Signal processing and VLSI Technology(EC)
  • Experience : 7 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Embedded system design, VLSI technology

Work Experience

RK University, Rajkot

Designation              :        Assistance Professor.(June 2012 to February-2017)

Subject Taken          :        BE – Basic Electronics, Advanced Electronics, Applied Electronics, Integrated Circuit and Application, Microprocessor, Microcontroller.

ME Physics of MOS Transistor, Low Power CMOS Design, Test Principle and Application, CMOS Circuit Design. 

Systronics Telerad Pvt.Ltd., Ahmedabad

Company Brief        :        Systronics is a division of Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprise Ltd. hey are manufacturing electronic and scientific equipment.

 Designation              :        Testing Engineer. (July 2008 to April 2009)

Job Profile                :        Testing and troubleshoot of all electronics and scientific instrument. 

Skill and Knowledge


Technical Expertise  : RTL level HDL design and Behavioral   Architectural modeling.

EDA Tools (VLSI)        :  Quartus–II, Xilinx ISE, NGSPICE, Sequel.

EDA Tools (DSP & Embedded) : MATLAB, Keil.

Hardware Description Language : Verilog, VHDL.

Programming Languages           :   C, Assembly language.

Hardware Architectures             :   8051, 8085.

Operating Systems                   :   Windows, Linux.

Training and workshop


1.Completed the training at Gujarat State Wide Area Network from January-2008 to May-2008.


1.“ASIC & FPGA Design Tools and Technology”, held during 25th & 26th Febuary, 2012 at Gujarat Technological University Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

2.Research fair 2011 held during 13th & 14th May, 2011 at L.D.College of Engineering Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

3.“Introduction to research Methodologies”, Conducted by IIT Bombay, held during 25th june to 4th july, 2012 at RK University, Rajkot.

4.“Modern Digital Design”, Conducted by IIT Bombay, held during 3th & 4th December, 2012 at L.J.I.T, Ahmedabad

5.“Akash for Education”, Conducted by IIT Bombay, held during 10th & 11th November, 2012 at RK University, Rajkot.

6.“Analog Electronics”, Conducted by IIT Kharagpur, held during 4th to 14th june, 2013 at RK University, Rajkot.

Research and Project


1.High speed Current Steering Digital to Analog converter.
Tools                          : NGSPICE
Summary   :
8 bit Digital to Analog Converted(DAC) is simulated using pipeline and current steering approach, which help  to improve sampling rate of DAC. Identical current sources are triggered by a thermometer code to provide current in the output. 


1.Design of two stage OPAMP:

Tools                          : NGSPICE

Summary                   :

Designed a two stages ultra-low power low voltage OPAMP based on CMOS 180nm technology. In this project, we have designed OPAMP with 1V supply voltage as well as lower power consumption.

2.Asynchronous Communication (Interface Adapter ACIA):

Tools         :         Xilinx ISE (Verilog)

Summary   :

Designed ACIA which is a prototype for Asynchronous communication. The asynchronous communications interface (ACIA) provides data formatting and control to the asynchronous data communications of data bus systems.

3.IOT(ESP8266)  and cap-sense based home automation :

Tools         :         Scratch pad of arduino.

Summary   :

In this project we have implemented a system which is used to control home appliances through mobile android application. We have used ESP8266 IOT device for wireless communication and arduino for the controlling of output devices. 

4.Scrolling message display using 89C52 :

Tools         :         keil.

Summary  :

In this project we have implemented a system which is used to display various messages on LED display. 89C52 device is used for the controlling and printing of messages on display. We have used concept of persistence of vision for display by keeping common data line. 


1.“A Literature Review on Memory-less Pipeline Dynamic Design Technique”, A national level Symposium held during Feb 9 & 10, 2012 at B.H Gardi College of engineering & Technology, Rajkot.

2.“A Literature Review on Tunnel FET; an Emerging Semiconductor Device”, A national level Symposium held during Feb 9 & 10, 2012 at B.H Gardi College of engineering & Technology, Rajkot.

3.“High speed 8-bit current steering Digital to Analog converter” National Conference on Advances and Challenges in Engineering & Science, held during Apr 13 & 14, 2012 at LCIT bhandu.